Review: PSA KS47

After a long journey to build my own Palmetto State Armory KS47, piece by piece, I finally have a fully functioning gun. It took some patience, creativity, and innovation to get the gun where I wanted it, but I’ve achieved victory… Right? Let’s explore, shall we? Built upon a foundation established by Rock River Arms, […]

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PSA KS47 Magazine fix

The KS47 is a fantastic platform, but it has some frustrating quirks. The quirk that frustrates me the most is the lack of an over-insertion stop for the magazine. Why is such a feature needed? WELL, the KS47, as currently designed, has no means of preventing the nose of a magazine from moving up into […]

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Sig Sauer MPX-PSB Update!

So, it’s been about 7 months since my initial review of the Sig Sauer MPX and I feel like there is need for an update. To begin with, I’ve finally been able to shoot the gun suppressed. I recently built a Form 1 9mm titanium suppressor and tried it out on the MPX, and coming […]

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