Review: Kel-Tec RDB

Ladies and gentleman, the future is here. The smartphone has revolutionized antisocial behaviors, reality television has dumbed down society and worked its way into our government, and consumer rifles are once again feeding from their butts… Yes, I’m talking bullpups; the strange corner of firearm technology that places the trigger and pistol grip in front […]

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Review: PSA KS47

After a long journey to build my own Palmetto State Armory KS47, piece by piece, I finally have a fully functioning gun. It took some patience, creativity, and innovation to get the gun where I wanted it, but I’ve achieved victory… Right? Let’s explore, shall we? Built upon a foundation established by Rock River Arms, […]

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PSA KS47 Magazine fix

The KS47 is a fantastic platform, but it has some frustrating quirks. The quirk that frustrates me the most is the lack of an over-insertion stop for the magazine. Why is such a feature needed? WELL, the KS47, as currently designed, has no means of preventing the nose of a magazine from moving up into […]

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