How about some guns?

So, I’ve taken the dive into weblogging. Yep… I’m trying to be one of those people now. I feel like I have a great deal of opinion and not enough ears to make bleed with them, so this seems like the perfect medium to express those opinions. It doesn’t help that I easily get lost in what I’m saying and can ramble on for quite a while before I actually come back to the original topic.

Speaking of which, GUNS. Yes, I am quite passionate about firearms. I truly enjoy the right to keep and bear arms, and enjoy even more the right to shoot them. I am deeply fascinated by the technology and engineering behind firearms, and such a fascination can be dangerous to one’s pocket book and productivity. There is nothing like the feeling of that first shot cracked off at the start of a range session. I love the feedback given by recoil, the smell of spent gunpowder, and the sound of ringing steel. I’ve shot only a few guns in my lifetime, but all of many different styles and designs, from a .22 LR Tanfoglio revolver, to a CZ550 in .500 A-Square (appropriately named ‘Big Luther’). I’ve owned AKs, ARs, bolt action hunting rifles, precision rifles, polymer handguns, steel handguns, revolvers, etc. I think every gun has its merit, but it must be earned by fire.

If you asked a group of randomly selected people to look at a firearm, they would all have very differing reactions to it. Some might see it as a dangerous weapon and feel scared or frightened to be within any proximity to it because it might hurt them. Others might see a toy or something to fool around with (which I really hope is not common). Me, on the other hand, see a gun as a tool, a piece of art, or an object of lust. When I get a gun in my hands, it will trigger one of three responses: Disgust (because it’s a piece of junk; I probably would never shoot it), indifference (because it isn’t anything spectacular; I’d probably shoot it), or lust (because it’s a beautiful piece… and I immediately begin to develop a connection with it and I want to shoot it badly). The last response doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I have to buy the gun.

So, now that I’ve made this first post completely aimless, please stay tuned for future reviews. Future reviews will include: The Sig Sauer MPX pistol in 9mm Luger, the CZ527 Carbine in 7.62x39mm, and the Kimber TLE II in 10mm Automatic.


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