Sig Sauer MPX-PSB Update!

So, it’s been about 7 months since my initial review of the Sig Sauer MPX and I feel like there is need for an update. To begin with, I’ve finally been able to shoot the gun suppressed. I recently built a Form 1 9mm titanium suppressor and tried it out on the MPX, and coming […]

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Review: Sig P238 (Extreme)

I will begin this review by stating that I am in no way a Sig Sauer fan boy. In fact, up until I had the opportunity to get trigger time on the MPX, I hadn’t ever been impressed by the lineup of firearms put out by Sig. This was an opinion developed after shooting a couple […]

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The Quiet Piston-Driven .300 Blackout Pistol: An Obtainable Unicorn

I must admit, I’ve had two very prevalent fascinations over the past year or so: Sound suppressors and running a .300 Blackout AR-15 pistol with an aftermarket piston system. The first fascination compliments the second fascination, so the two marry especially well. However, the second fascination is the problematic player in the relationship. I can […]

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Review: Sig Sauer MPX-PSB 9mm

There has been an explosion of advancements in the firearms industry over the past decade. In fact, this explosion of advancement has led to the popularization of many old concepts that have been modernized and made new again by the internet, such as the short stroke gas piston, the bullpup rifle, and the pistol caliber […]

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