Who is Thisguy?

The author is a classically trained musician, that went to school to become a teacher, but definitely now works a desk job in an office full time and at a sporting goods store on the weekends. An average fellow, not only a snob when it comes to music, but he also thinks himself to be a critic of firearms (with questionable authority at best). He is an avid shooter, with a very modest but eclectic collection of firearms. His opinions are definitely worth what you pay for, but who knows? Something intelligent may come from his mouth at some point.




One thought on “Who is Thisguy?

  1. I can’t believe there’s another nut like myself out there, but you’re a bit advanced in the subjects we share interest’s to. I’m also a musician, but a very amateur one. I love building things (usually of my own design) and learned most of what I know the hard way. I am a 60 yr old plumbing repairman by trade, and I’m constantly imagining ways of designing (or redesigning things) !! MY OWN WAY !!, lol.
    I have an old metal lathe and just enough tools to be dangerous. I am also fascinated by the design of suppressors, of course looking to find some secret of my own to make one better. I was wondering if there was any chance of getting your e-mail address?


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